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Training your dog to weave is a simple and fun behavior that can be trained in just a day or so.

Find Something Your Dog Finds Rewarding

You can use anything your dog finds rewarding. In the video, I use a stick, but you can absolutely use treats. It’s important that you find something small enough that you can lure through your legs.


Giant Step Forward and Lure Your Dog Through

Eventually, the large, over-exaggerated step will become the cue for your dog to weave through. For now, you must “lure” your dog in between your legs.

Make sure you release the treat or the reward after your dog makes it all the way through. If you release it any sooner, you will confuse your dog.


Dog Training Tip

Make sure you step with your right and have your dog weave from the left and then step with your left and have your dog weave from the right. This will make sure you aren’t inadvertently blocking your dog from weaving!