Show Schedule

Daily Live Shows!

I broadcast live each weekday on Periscope, Facebook Live and/or Busker. I am a daily/life broadcaster giving you a no-holds-barred into every aspect of my life. I also share the latest in dog training, animal care, and animal behavior. Animals are my passion and I love being able to share that passion with you. My favorite part about live streaming is that you are able to ask my questions in real time!

My amazing viewers are fondly called the “KittleFam.”  You guys, ROCK!


Make Sit Happen

Make 'Sit' Happen! Kyle Kittleson

My weekly show on ParachuteTV, Pericope’s first network. Make Sit Happen is 30 minute, animal behavior, pet care, and dog training show! Live dog training demonstrations, Q&A, and expert interviews.


America, Can You Answer This?

America, Can You Answer This-

America is full of idiots.

I prove it every Tuesday on “America, Can You Answer This?” – my live show on Busker. I ask willing participants 5 easy questions. If they get all five right they win a gift card! If they miss any, they get nothing. Sometimes they get the answers right. Sometimes they get the answers wrong. And sometimes they are just…well…you’ll need to tune in to see.


Ask a Dog Trainer

Ask a Dog Trainer


You’ve watched me discuss animal behavior and dog training tips Facebook and Periscope. Now, it’s your turn to ask me anything you want (as long as it has to do with your dog)! Every Wednesday night on Busker, you get your dog training questions answered. Plus, I’ll share my top dog training secrets and conduct live demonstrations with Callie The Lab!


Closet Confessions

Closet Confessions is by far my most popular show! Closet Confessions allows real people to confess their deepest, darkest secrets in a safe, supportive, environment.