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Products & Services

Here is a list of products and services I regularly use and love. If you click on a link I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Shop on Amazon Here!


Frey Laundry Detergent

You know how the ads on Instagram are soooo good? Well, Frey caught my eye in an ad on Insta, I got suckered in, and I have never bought another detergent sense. Y’all, their stuff smells so good and makes my clothes smell incredible. This is going to sound so weird but I actually look forward to doing laundry. ?Try Frey here! (Currently not shipping due to COVID issues.)


Wag! // On-Demand Dog Walking, Grooming, and Boarding

I recently tried Wag, an app to get on-demand dog walking, grooming, and boarding. While I have only used this relatively new service for walking, I can tell you I have been very happy with the results. You can schedule background checked dog walkers in advance or on-demand. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and didn’t feel like I could even take Callie outside, let alone go on an hour long walk. So, I ordered a Wag walker and in about 30 minutes Callie was outside with a trusted dog lover and was walked nearly 3 miles over the next hour. My favorite part of the app is that I can see, in real time, where Callie is and what she is doing. I literally know which street she is on and where she pee’d. Here is $100 in Wag credits! Just use promo code: O781F4 // Download for iPhone // Download for Android // Enter promo code: O781F4

The Farmer’s Dog // Dog and Cat Food

Fresh food that your pet should be eating. The Farmer’s Dog delivery frozen, fresh food to your door – pre-packaged based on your pet’s individual diet requirements. It’s all I feed my dog, Callie. Try The Farmer’s Dog and get a discount when you use this link!

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Amazon Prime // for everything

I mean, how great is Amazon? For the two people in the world not utilizing all the perks of Amazon, what are you waiting for? There are so many benefits to have an Amazon Prime account. Do it. Or at least do the trial. Become an Amazon Prime member!

Jet // for big orders

Jet works like Amazon except the more you buy in one purchase, the less you pay per item. So, Jet isn’t the place to shop if you are getting one or two things. However, if you have a large order, then this is the place to do it. Check out Jet and remember it for large orders!

Food & Delivery

Instacart // grocery delivery

Getting to the grocery store, finding all the stuff I want, bagging it up, then unloading a car, takes way too much time. From Petco, Target, and your local grocery store. Get a credit when you sign-up using this link! Or use code: KKITTLESON1DF141

UberEats // food delivery

When I am too lazy to cook dinner, then it’s all about that delivery food! I’ve used all of the apps – and this one is my favorite. Get a discount on your first order with code: eats-kylek17538ue

Drizly // alcohol delivery

When you’re running out of your favorite adult beverages, let Drizly deliver! From liquor, beer, wine, mixers, and even lemons and limes – if it’s at a liquor store, Drizly will bring it to you. Plus, it’s so affordable. Why anyone would go to the store when you can get it delivered right to you is beyond me. Get a discount on your first order when you use this link!

MightyMacros // meal prep and delivery

Easy system and account management. Good food. Get a discount here.


Uber & Lyft // Ride share

In 2018 I got rid of my car and now exclusively use Uber and Lyft to travel. It actually costs less, I never have to worry about parking, and I always have a personal driver within 5 minutes or less. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, start driving for Lyft by clicking here. // Ride with Uber and get some discounts! // Ride with Lyft and get some discounts!

Tile // keep track of your stuff

I lose my wallet at least once a day. I lose my keys at least three times a week. Luckily, I can now find those items in a few seconds, thanks to Tile. You place the thin tiles on the things you lose the most – wallets, keys, purses, or even on your dog’s collar. When you loose the item you ring the Tile from your phone. You also are shown a map with your lost item’s approximate location and if anyone else with a Tile walks near your lost object you will get a notice of the location of the item. It’s saved me SO much time and frustration. Do yourself a favor and get a Tile for all of those things you seem to always misplace. Keep track of your stuff with your own Tile!

Felt // handwrite and mail a real card from your phone

I am a big fan and advocate of the rarely used “thank you card.” However, when I found Felt I found how easy it was to send thank you cards and how much cooler they could be. Felt allows you to write thank you cards from your tablet or smart phone, customize them with images, and include additional gifts like flowers and gift cards. The cards are sent in the mail and are so unique, I always get a compliment from the recipient. Check out Felt here and send cards easily and cost-effectively.

Feel Better

Tru Niagen // improve mood, sleep, and energy

This NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) supplement is the biggest life-changing supplement I’ve had. The first time I took NAD I felt like I truly started living. I had suffered from chronic fatigue and exhaustion and been seen by many doctors. Tru Niagen was the only think that worked. Get a discount and learn more about Tru Niagen!

Spotify // listen to music and podcasts

I fought the Spotify thing for a while. I thought I was crushing my music game with free Pandora. When I finally splurged on premium Spotify, I was so happy! It’s the best. Get Spotify and listen to your favorite music and podcasts!

Soothe // massage on demand

I love long dinners and long massages. Soothe is my favorite massage on demand app. A phenomenal masseuse can come right to you and deliver a variety of massages. Use code RWVJX to get $20 off your 1st Soothe massage!


Slack // to improve internal communication

Slack is one of the most essential SaaS products according to recent saas trends. I personally fought against joining Slack for a long time. I consult for a lot different companies and so many of them use Slack to track their internal communications. Instead of e-mailing, they use Slack. Their interface is very intuitive and easy to manage. It makes communication a breeze cuts down on all those e-mails and I’m glad I now use it. They have a free and paid version. Try Slack for with your business, organization, or team.

Mailchimp // e-mail management

I run a variety of websites and all of them collect e-mails from interested parties. I also have a variety of online courses and products which have large e-mail lists. To manage all of these lists, I use Mailchimp. Mailchimp is simple, unlike a lot of other e-mail managing systems. Plus, they have a lots of different payment options. Try Mailchimp for free today!

Wunderlist // To-Do List

To keep track of all the things I need to do I use the Wunderlist app. I can create categories, it syncs with all my other devices, and I can add people to shared lists – perfect for couples, trip planning, project management, etc. Try Wunderlist.

BlueHost // Domain Name Purchasing

I started using BlueHost years ago. I’ve not once experienced an issue with them. When it comes to service they are professional, kind, and I have never had a problem with them. What website do you want to start? Grab your domain here!

SiteGround // Website Hosting

I had finally had it with another hosting provider. *eh-hum* rhymes with Snow Daddy. Anyway, I moved my sites to SiteGround and I am so glad that I did. They have wonderful customer service, better pricing, and a way better product. Get better hosting here.