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Zoo Logic with Dr. Grey Stafford


MoorPark College’s Teaching Zoo | Student Talk


TheShow.Live – Animal Training and Cyber Bullying


Training Toshi for YouTube Star, Kelly Eden


The JennyQ Show – All About The Dogs

(00.37.20 to see interview)

“Truly the best years of my life were because of those relationships I had with those animals.” – Kyle Kittleson (11.2.16)


Gray Malin: Dog Training Tips


Shades of Gray: Dog Training Tips – (10/25/16) “I’m not in the business of training dogs quickly. I am in the business of training dogs correctly, the most efficient way possible.” – Kyle Kittleson


Small Business Trends

The Busker Live Streaming App Lets Businesses And Content Creators Monetize – (9/4/16)

“I’ve spent years studying animal behavior and there’s not a lot of difference between animal behavior and human behavior. “Closet Confessions” is powerful, but it’s not for the weary. My background lets me view human behavior in a unique way, which is helpful for moderating the show because it’s all live and it’s as real as it gets.” – Kyle Kittleson


Behind The Scenes at The Parker

Television Host and Animal Expert

Behind The Scenes: Gray Malin at The Parker – (6/16/2016) “Animals inspire. Art inspires. Animals and art working together is truly powerful.” – Kyle Kittleson









Animal Magnetism w/ Carolyn Hennesy

Animal Magnetism with Carolyn Hennesy – (5/15/2016)

“SeaWorld is the best animal care company in the world. They are perhaps the worst PR and marketing company.” – Kyle Kittleson


NPR / AirTalk

Future of SeaWorld in Jeopardy – Animal Behaviorist Kyle Kittleson  – (10/09/15)

“SeaWorld needs to grow up. PETA needs to grow up. And they both need to start working together, rather than against each other.” – Kyle Kittleson


Cyber Bullying Talk

“Guys need to start stepping up to the plate to combat cyber bullying…even when it isn’t directly affecting them.” – Kyle Kittleson, Periscope Summit New York (10/1/15)


Los Angeles Times

Proposed Ban on Orca Shows at SeaWorld Angers San Diego – (3/18/14)

“I don’t think legislation should ever come from a movie.” – Kyle Kittleson


UT San Diego

Bill Would Ban SeaWorld Orca Performances – (3/6/14)

“There is no harm being done to [killer whales]. There is only the best possible care being provided for them,” Kittleson said in January.


National Public Radio

Controversy for SeaWorld Grows  – (1/15/14)

“I say, as someone who has worked with animals, I can assure you that they are in the best of hands,” Kittleson says.


The Examiner

Blackfish Backlash Picking Up Steam – (1/15/14)

“In the video accompanying this article, you’ll hear from former SeaWorld Orlando trainer Kyle Kittleson, who worked with the orcas much more recently than any of the trainers featured in the film. He points out that perhaps 15 percent of ‘Blackfish’ is accurate and pinpoints many of the misrepresentations.”



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