The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition

The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition

Farmers Insurance Just Won Advertising

Who cares about Phelps when you have the Flooded House Dog Diving Competition?! If you haven’t seen this adorable YouTube series by Farmer’s Insurance – I am about to make your day!

The popular insurance company filled a home with water and then invited dogs to participate in a “Diving Competition.”

Yes, the dogs are cute and clearly talented – but it’s the commentary that takes it to a whole new level. Of course, most of the commentary is very complementary to to the pups – but it’s even more hilarious when they critique the canines on their not-so-spectacular dives.

“You’ve got to be kidding? That looked a little more like a fall than a dive to me. Not a lot of distance. There wasn’t a lot of ‘wow.'” – Dog Diving Announcer

This has “Best In Show” (the “mocumentary” about the crazy world of dog shows) ¬†all over it. If you liked “Best In Show” – you will like these videos.

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(I will say, I am little upset that Callie The Lab wasn’t invited to participate. Farmers – what’s up with that?)

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