Farmers Insurance Just Won Advertising

Who cares about Phelps when you have the Flooded House Dog Diving Competition?! If you haven’t seen this adorable YouTube series by Farmer’s Insurance – I am about to make your day!

The popular insurance company filled a home with water and then invited dogs to participate in a “Diving Competition.”

Yes, the dogs are cute and clearly talented – but it’s the commentary that takes it to a whole new level. Of course, most of the commentary is very complementary to to the pups – but it’s even more hilarious when they critique the canines on their not-so-spectacular dives.

“You’ve got to be kidding? That looked a little more like a fall than a dive to me. Not a lot of distance. There wasn’t a lot of ‘wow.'” – Dog Diving Announcer

This has “Best In Show” (the “mocumentary” about the crazy world of dog shows)  all over it. If you liked “Best In Show” – you will like these videos.

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(I will say, I am little upset that Callie The Lab wasn’t invited to participate. Farmers – what’s up with that?)